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History of Transcendent Endeavors

Gina Montoya
Mar 13, 2017

2016 was a great year for us! Our team grew significantly and so have our product offerings. We added 11 people to the TE staff and Canopy welcomed 8 new employees. Our staff expanded so much that we had to get new office space to fit everyone! In the coming years we will be expanding into a venture studio with the goal of spinning out 3 startups this year alone.

As we continue to plan for 2017, we know that TE’s growth will only continue as we’ve already hired two new employees in January. We’re excited for what’s to come and as we move towards our new goals, we strive to keep the original intention of TE in the forefront of our minds at all times.

TE was founded based on the personal experiences of our CEO, Bill Tan. Bill started this company in 2001 with the intention of assisting underserved populations in the areas of health, education and social services. Bill had a vision that technology could be utilized to make an impact for those who need it the most.  Bill came to the United States from China when he was 15 years old and knew more English than other members of his family. He was often the family interpreter and as a teenager he set his goals on one day creating a better solution.

The name Transcendent Endeavors was chosen because Bill wanted to establish a community of innovators dedicated to achieving transformative social impact through technology-enabled solutions. Bill chose the word ‘transcendent’ because his vision for the company included going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing and exceeding technology solutions that have so far been introduced to help underserved populations. The word ‘endeavors’ was chosen because it is synonymous with the word ‘strive’. Bill’s experiences as a young immigrant to this country impacted him so greatly that he knew he would dedicate the rest of his life to striving towards helping future generations overcome obstacles similar to those that he experienced.

With the motivation of starting a new year and with new goals in mind, it’s easy to get lost in day to day checklists and to forget about our ultimate goal. Taking a few moments to reflect on why TE was founded and what is at the heart of and mission statement helps us to keep in mind what groups we are striving to help with our technology solutions. We hope that sharing a little bit of our history can also help our community understand what it is that inspires us to do our work every day.

Gina Montoya
Gina does all things marketing for a few different TE products. She's a theatre nerd from Denver who tries to dance a little every day.

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