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Linguistic Interns Thrive at TE

Gina Montoya
Mar 13, 2017

Summer has been a busy time for us here at Transcendent Endeavors. We’ve been working hard developing our language learning e-book reader, Polli. For help on that and our other tech healthcare tools we turned to the expertise of some local linguistic students. Adam Goodkind, Kelsey Swift and Lianye Zhu have been working hard for the last few months on a few of our different projects. They took the time to give us an update and tell us a little bit more about what brought them to Transcendent Endeavors.

What’s your background in linguistics? What made you interested in joining TE’s team and working on our language and healthcare technology products?

AG: I received my BA from Columbia, my MA from CUNY and I will be starting my PhD at Northwestern starting later this year. I live in Harlem and it has given me a keen appreciation of the extent of the public health crisis. Poor health education is an ingrained part of a large segment of society.

KS: I went to Boston College and I also attended the CUNY Graduate Center. I have a background teaching ESL/EFL so that has given me the foundation to work on language learning projects.

LZ:  I am currently a PhD student in the Linguistic Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. I Got my M.A. TESOL from Michigan State University, and I have a B.A. in English (Business and Finance) from Shanghai Jiaotong University. I also used to work as an ESL, EFL, and CFL instructor at various language institutions for almost three years.

What made you interested in being a linguist intern for TE?

AG: I knew that this internship would allow me to use my fascination with language technology to affect real change in healthcare.

KS: I was looking to diversify my experience and earn some extra money!

LZ: The work that I knew I’d be doing at Transcendent Endeavors is very similar to the project I am currently working on in the Second Language Acquisition Lab at the CUNY Graduate Center.

What have been your primary responsibilities as an intern at TE?

AG: I have been testing different types of speech and text analysis software, to understand how it can be used in TE's products.

KS: I have been revising the Medical Spanish capstone exam, translating books for Polli (the digital language learning ereader for children), and also developing "coding" rules it.

LZ: I have also been working on Polli, mostly developing the Chinese part.

What do you hope to do with the experience that you gain at this internship?

AG: The internship is allowing me to explore new technologies and understand how funding for healthcare initiatives works.

KS: I hope to be able to put to use what I have learned here in future ESL curriculum development.

LZ: TE has so many brilliant people who know how to apply academic research findings to the market. They help researchers realize what benefits their findings can bring to everyone's daily life. I plan to adapt what I have learned from this and use it in my own future research.

Thanks Adam, Kelsey and Lianye for everything you’ve done for our linguistic projects so far. We look forward to your continued contributions!

We’re always on the lookout for help from people passionate about linguistics and healthcare technology. Does this sound like you? Contact us to learn more about our intern programs.  

Gina Montoya
Gina does all things marketing for a few different TE products. She's a theatre nerd from Denver who tries to dance a little every day.

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