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Canopy Innovations is a disruptive digital health company that is transforming the way our healthcare system communicates with underserved patients. The language barrier undermines quality of care for the ~30 million patients who have limited English proficiency, and creates enormous workflow and financial constraints to the health delivery organizations that serve them.  With funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Canopy has developed a suite of products to tackle these challenges.
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Blossom is an interactive e-book reader that helps parents and teachers turn storytime into a fun activity for learning a new language.  It uses a proven language acquisition method that naturally introduces a new language to the readers, on the pages of storybooks they love.
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Communication Genome Project

The Communication Genome Project (CGP) is a massive effort to decode communication into its most elemental components. These “genes”, housed in a continuously growing genome, make it possible to render the communication process into a machine-readable form, thus allowing each step in that process to be analyzed methodologically and optimized with pinpoint accuracy. This innovative approach will allow individuals and organizations to transcend communication barriers, enhance interpersonal relationships, and achieve greater shared outcomes.


The Aqueduct system is designed to be the 'punctuality layer' for our daily activities. Beginning with healthcare, it will incentivize patients to attend their appointments on time, and to encourage clinics to shorten appointment wait times. The system rewards patients with points for timely appointment arrival, and grants additional points if they experience extended wait times. Once a patient accumulates a certain number of points, they use them to redeem rewards. This rewards system will both encourage patients to keep their appointments, as well as enable clinic workers to show that they respect and value patients’ time.
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