Our Team

Bill Z. Tan is the founder of Transcendent Endeavors. He was named one of Crain’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars, selected by Mayor Michael Bloomberg as an NYC Venture Fellow, and elected President of the Entrepreneurs Club while a student at NYU Stern. As the Principal Investigator of multiple NIH SBIR awards, Bill focuses the wellbeing of underserved communities.

Bill Tan


Heather Nannery Heather Nannery is the Director of Operations. She serves as the chief of staff and project manager for the company. In her free time, she likes to eat all of the cheese, think about the universe, drink decent beer and watch hockey.

Heather Nannery

Director of Operations

Justin Mazzocchi is the Lead Developer for Canopy. He oversees all of Canopy’s software development.
In his free time he likes to read, drink whiskey, and listen to loud music.

Justin Mazzocchi

Lead Developer, Canopy

Anniken Laake Anniken is the director of research and development, and spends most of her time crafting grants and working on various research projects.
In her spare time she obsesses over Eurovision Song Contest, researches criminals, and occasionally hangs out with her one friend.

Anniken Laake

Director of Research & Development

Monica Ferraioli graduated in 2012 from the University of Delaware with her BS in Dietetics, taking courses in health communication, research methodologies, and community outreach.
Outside of work, she enjoys running, traveling, and exploring the city. You can usually find her with friends and family.

Monica Ferraioli

Manager of Grants & Research

Mike Cullinan owns product at Canopy. He’s about that lean product design/development life, and getting things done.
When not brainstorming and building with the team, he’s likely training Muay Thai, inhaling burritos, dropping beats, or acquiring nicknames.

Mike Cullinan

CEO, Canopy

Olivia Norrmen-Smith is Manager of Advocacy and Partnerships, the liaison with the community. Amongst other things, she is involved in strategy and implementation of pilot partnerships and is the lead on communication and advocacy efforts.
Olivia is a neuroscience nerd, a tagine aficionado, and can be found singing around the city and in the office bathroom.

Olivia Norrmen-Smith

Manager of Advocacy & Partnerships, Canopy

Gaelen Hadlett is a software developer for Canopy, where he writes backend and frontend code for Quest, Speak, and Connect. He like robotics, comic books, candy, and teaching.

Gael Hadlett

Software Engineer, Canopy

Gina Montoya does all things marketing for a few different Transcendent Endeavors products.
If she were going to a deserted island and could only take one thing with her, it would be Les Miserables. She's a theatre nerd from Denver who tries to dance a little every day.

Gina Montoya

Marketing Consultant

Lianye Zhu is an intern and is now working on Polli. She is a linguistic PhD student at CUNY - GC and is particularly interested in the field of Chinese languages studies, and the second language acquisition.

Lianye Zhu

Linguistic Intern

Kevin Shim is a product development associate for Canopy.
His body is little yet powerful. He can crest three mountains and cross two canyons in one night. Kevin is a Ravenclaw, pacifist, and a spice enthusiast.

Kevin Shim

Product Development, Canopy

Erika Marks is a grants and research associate, working toward her Masters in Public Health.
Erika specializes in finding strangers' dogs and petting them. When she's not doing that you can find her cuddling with her pugs.

Erika Marks

Grants & Research Associate

Brianne Mahon graduated from Iona College in May of 2016 with a BBA in marketing. She’s an Operations Associate so various tasks fall under her wing.
She enjoys working out and eating pizza.

Brianne Mahon

Operations Associate

Haronil Estevez is a software developer working on the frontend and backend code for Canopy Connect. He likes reading, watching movies, and going to concerts.

Estevez Haronil

Software Developer, Canopy

Jordan Entin is the Product Manager for all things TE. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, Jordan discovered her passion for improving healthcare in the farmlands Wisconsin at Epic. She’s back in NYC now and enjoys exploring the city, cooking, and Giants football.

Jordan Entin

Senior Product Manager

Donette Ritchie is a grant writer. She spends most of her work hours conducting research and crafting grants to support public health innovations that address health disparities issues. For leisure, she enjoys Christian meditation and hangouts with family/friends.

Donette Ritchie

Grant Writer

Ethan Wilcox is a computational linguist working on Polli. When not deconstructing English syntax, he enjoys Russian literature, trying to control his unkempt hair, and puns.

Ethan Wilcox

Computational Linguist

Yanz Zeng is a UI designer for Canopy. She graduated from School of Visual Arts in May 2016. She creates usable and delightful design that empower people and contribute to better communication.
Yanz loves science fiction and nostalgic oddities. And she just accomplished the challenge of eating with a stranger a week for the passing year.

Fruh Zeng

UI Designer, Canopy

Liam Geron is a Computational Linguist working towards his MA in Computational Linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center.
He enjoys terrible movies, getting his friends to come with him to see terrible movies, and long walks on the beach. He hopes to one day not have to describe his job as “creating Skynet”.

Liam Geron

Computational Linguist

Matt Stuck is a Spanish Linguist. He is a PhD student in linguistics at the Graduate Center. His research lies in sociolinguistics and bilingualism.
His passions are dark beer, wry humor, and indie folk music. His ultimate fictional heroine is astrophysicist Eleanor Arroway.

Matt Stuck

Spanish Linguist

Yoav Ilan is TE's CTO and a serial entrepreneur and a Silicon Alley veteran. He is responsible for the technology direction and product development for the company’s portfolio.
In his free time he writes short stories and hones his knowledge of the Force.

Yoav Ilan

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Davies is the Director of Sales for Canopy. His job is to ensure Canopy customers get the greatest value possible out of the company's products.
When not in the office, Matt likes to cook, enjoy baseball in various ways, tackle his endless list of 'books to read' and add to his endless list of 'places to visit'.

Matt Davis

Director of Sales, Canopy

Steven Lorenzo is a full stack platform developer with a successful track record for designing, implementing and deploying complex software systems.
He enjoys reading, snowboarding, hanging with friends and much more.

Steven Lorenzo

Full Stack Engineer, Platform Lead

Yoav Ilan is TE's CTO and a serial entrepreneur and a Silicon Alley veteran. He is responsible for the technology direction and product development for the company’s portfolio.
In his free time he writes short stories and hones his knowledge of the Force.

Yoav Ilan

Chief Technology Officer