Partner with Us

Building and disseminating innovations requires partnerships. On a typical project, we may collaborate with an FQHC to gather community-rooted perspectives, with a hospital on a randomized control trial to assess efficacy and impact, and with a professional association to jointly promote and bring a new product to its members.

Here are a few upcoming projects at TE. Drop us a line if your organization is interested in exploring partnership opportunities.


Implementing population health initiatives takes a village. GroundWork is a partnership support platform to foster successful collaborations between healthcare delivery institutions, community-based organizations, academia and other stakeholders. It places a strong emphasis on the initial phase of partnership formation where existing project management products fall short.


Participant recruitment and retention are essential but costly endeavors for research studies, population health programs, as well as clinical trials. Strata leverages psychographic and demographic factors to develop a more complete understanding of target audiences, deliver tailored communication, achieve representative enrollment and ensure participant retention.

The Caregivers Collective (TCC)

The growing prevalence of Alzheimer’s and other aging-related diseases puts a heavy burden on those who care for the afflicted. Designed around specific daily living activities, TCC is a user-centric toolset that empowers families with the collective guidance from others who have traversed similar caregiving journeys, reduces caregiver burnout and improves quality of life for both caregivers and their loved ones.