Reward Patients,
Foster Good Behaviors

Our healthcare system has talented doctors and nurses, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, and very effective medicines and therapies. But none of them matters when patients don’t show up to their appointments.

At Aqueduct we’re tackling the problem of appointment non-adherence. No-show rates at community-based clinics and other facilities can be as high as 40%. In addition to being a big drain on productivity, it costs practices as much as 14% of their revenue and the U.S. healthcare system $150 billion dollars a year.

Instead of imposing sanctions for non-adherence, Aqueduct rewards patients for keeping their appointments. It applies behavior change techniques to foster good habits, delivers carefully crafted messages, and leverages the power of peer support to keep patients on track.  

Using Aqueduct, a clinic can choose which patient behaviors to focus on, set an overall budget for the incentive program, and do so in a way that complies with relevant regulations regarding patient inducement.

Aqueduct introduces a new positive cycle in which patients are rewarded for their punctuality, and for taking responsibility for their healthcare. Visit the Aqueduct Planner to find out how you can get started.