Bridging the Language Gap

Canopy encompasses a suite of products to improve the way our healthcare system communicates with patients with limited English proficiency (LEP).  Our tools allow for providers to communicate with LEP patients via a multilingual app, quickly locate an in-house language interpreter, or learn medical Spanish. The Canopy360 suite enables hospitals to allocate their multilingual resources efficiently, manage spending on language assistance services, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Canopy Learn is the most widely used online medical language course in the U.S., featuring a comprehensive curriculum across a wide spectrum of commonly encountered clinical scenarios. Through its engaging telenovela and effective exercises, Canopy Learn enables providers to establish a rapport with their foreign language-speaking patients.

Canopy Speak, accessible on smartphones and tablets, contains the largest corpus of multilingual medical phrases ever created. It enables clinicians to communicate essential information to LEP patients during common, routine interactions. Additionally, a one-touch interpreter button connects providers directly to their facility’s over-the-phone interpreter (OPI) line.

Canopy Connect is an interpreter services delivery and analytics platform that centralizes otherwise disparate language resources into a single, unified tool to simplify access for providers, improve deployment of existing hospital resources, collect comprehensive usage data, and integrate into core systems (EHRs, RCMs) for reimbursement capture and compliance.