Spread the Joy of Being a Polyglot

Blossom Academy empowers parents and educators to nurture multilingual, bright, and resilient children. Through its BiLingual Story Switching Method (BLoSSoM), the Blossom interactive ebook reader transforms a storybook into desired blends of a child’s primary and target languages — such as 95% English : 5% Chinese Mandarin, or 50% English : 50% Spanish — and turns story time into a engaging activity for learning a new language. This versatile approach can be applied to contents beyond language arts, enabling schools and enrichment programs to approach STEM, social science and other academic subjects through a unique bilingual lens and in an inclusive manner. In pursuing its mission of “Empowering Every Child to Excel in a Multilingual World,” Blossom supports mainstream parents who desire foreign-language fluency for their children, as well as immigrant families who otherwise have limited means to assist their budding English Language Learners (ELL).