Supporting Nurse-Led Projects,
from QI to DNP.

Nurse leaders today are tasked with the formidable goals to adopt evidence-based practices, foster nurse-initiated quality improvement (QI) initiatives, and elevate the quality of care for patients.

Mosaic is a workflow optimization tool that supports the full life cycle of nurse-led projects from inception to final report, whether they are undertaken as part of a DNP program or a hospital’s QI initiative. It offers tailored project plans in accordance with established standards such as Magnet certification or Joint Commission mandates. Accessible on the web and via an app, Mosaic is an indispensable tool for nursing executives, researchers, educators and practitioners alike.

Whether you are initiating a QI project on specific topic or overseeing hundred of nurse-led projects at your facility, Mosaic is the go-to project management platform to help you accomplish your goals. Visit the Mosaic Project Planner to learn more.